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What is a Cat C or Cat D?

Car write offs are usually split into four separate classes, hierarchical in increased severity from A to D. Whereas A and B are usually written off to irreparable injury to the car's body or parts, class C and D write offs are typically a result of money viability - actually because the price of repairs is on top of the worth of the used vehicle. Note:- From 1 October 2017, the categories S and N have replaced the old C and D categories It is essential to confirm the write off problems before we purchase a used car. The crucial component that we at Car Analytics offer using our full vehicle check is to indicate our customers about the condition of the car which includes "Loss Type and Category" as per our records. We provide FREE Vehicle Check Reports on a monthly basis, over 75K+ reports to the used car buying community, we take pride in providing the best-in-class services along with the most comprehensive reports in UK for an affordable pri

Car reg check

Car reg check People tend to change plate numbers according to their own wish and will, but this may end up in covering some major issues of the vehicle . It is always fundamental to know a number plate check , to uncover the history of plate change and cross check with the seller. If the seller states the plate change, it means that there is no issue. But if it is not informed to you, then you should start rethinking about buying that used car. Thieves usually steal license plates from the public with similar cars to their own and there is little police can do to prevent this fraud. These are dangers when, you drive around with the tags and stickers that may be cloned. Always know what your plate number is, avoid being caught for a crime that makes you the bait. Know more about Number plate changes and check with our detailed reports. Some Suggestions A thief can use a crowbar under the plate frame and take it off without damaging the plate, so av

Change in GDPR policy

Change in rules proposed by the DVLA to go along with GDPR policy could pertain to an increase in car fraud, motor industry insiders have envisioned. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency must comply with the recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation, and has insisted that  previous keepers'  details will be removed from a car's V5c log book. Although, this change could create a difficulty for motor traders when trying to check the legitimacy of mileage displayed in a second-hand vehicle, this is where several agencies like Car Analytics step in, providing vehicle data checks at reasonable prices for the public. General Data Protection Regulation The DVLA defined their actions in a  personal information statement , which documents will collected, held or other processed information about motorists, and how all this will comply with data protection law. Part of these new efforts includes one significant change to the log boo

Vehicle check

Why vehicle history check is essential before buying a used car Purchasing a used vehicle can be exhausting as there are so many things to consider and check. You don’t want to be fooled by a nicely polished car that is filled to the brim with defects. Having a particular direction makes it easier to walk, same goes for a used car, if we know what to look for then we can make our purchase that much smooth.           Fortunately, several resources and tools can help you make an informed purchase; we at Car Analytics know how frustrating it can be to find out every detail about a used car and then organizing that data.   We provide  full vehicle data checks  that gives you all the information you must have before buying any used vehicle. Car Analytics  provides 70k+ FREE vehicle check reports to the used car community on a monthly basis, we generate all these  vehicle history checks  to show that we provide a comprehensive and detailed report for a very re

Request key information from DVLA

Requesting information about a vehicle from DVLA DVLA can be approached for information request if you need to know about ‘your vehicle’ or ‘a vehicle and its registered owner’ on the premise that you have an acceptable aim. Note the type of details that you can get from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about a vehicle, for this purpose you will need the vehicle’s registration number. Car Analytics provides free vehicle checks , sourced by the DVLA so that you can get all the information you need at one place, and access all the important information you need before buying a used car.  Information about a vehicle or its registered keeper The list of reasons that could be accepted as a feasible reason to request information from DVLA records ·           To find out the person who was responsible for an accident ·          In tracking the registered keeper of an abandoned vehicle ·          To find out the registered keeper o