Change in GDPR policy

Change in rules proposed by the DVLA to go along with GDPR policy could pertain to an increase in car fraud, motor industry insiders have envisioned. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency must comply with the recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation, and has insisted that previous keepers' details will be removed from a car's V5c log book.
Although, this change could create a difficulty for motor traders when trying to check the legitimacy of mileage displayed in a second-hand vehicle, this is where several agencies like Car Analytics step in, providing vehicle data checks at reasonable prices for the public.
General Data Protection Regulation

The DVLA defined their actions in a personal information statement, which documents will collected, held or other processed information about motorists, and how all this will comply with data protection law.
Part of these new efforts includes one significant change to the log book that's supplied to the owner of a vehicle once they've purchased it.
In the past, the paperwork included details of the previous keeper, but this will no longer be the case since the May 25 deadline for GDPR compliance. Existing V5c documents are unaffected until they are updated and re-issued by DVLA, at which point the previous owner's details will be removed from the papers. This has caused concern within the industry, as it will block dealers from being able to check the history of a vehicle for free.

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Car Analytics offers FREE VEHICLE REPORTS that includes all the necessary factors required for valuating a used vehicle before purchase and leaves the public rather satisfied, whether they are a dealer or an individual buyer. Motor dealers follow a diligent process before purchases, which includes a mileage anomaly check to ensure they aren't buying vehicles with a clocked odometer. The Mileage anomaly check we provide; highlights the actual mileage versus the mileage that has been clocked.

Mileage clocking

Recent surveys brought about a revelation in December last year that car clocking as an illegal practice had jumped up to 25 per cent since 2014. 
Mileage-Check |Car-mileage-check
Mileage Clocking

One in 16 vehicles have a mileage discrepancy, one in three have a hidden problem and one in five has had a plate change, based on its own data.
With so many clocked cars on the road in the second-hand market, it’s important to undergo an investigation before purchasing. 
This burst of events is believed to have been caused by private car owners who would rather pay clocking firms to correct their mileage instead of monthly remits to car finance, it is illegal and can cause more harm than good.
The collective mistakes of not maintaining a car and avoiding car checks will result to a hazardous eventA car which hasn’t been maintained properly, can lead to several problems on the road, for the vehicle owner as well as the pedestrians nearby
It is best to undergo a full vehicle history check via Car Analytics to get an idea about the car’s history and whether it has been inspected by an associate degree insurance examiner.


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