Request key information from DVLA

Requesting information about a vehicle from DVLA

DVLA can be approached for information request if you need to know about ‘your vehicle’ or ‘a vehicle and its registered owner’ on the premise that you have an acceptable aim.
Note the type of details that you can get from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about a vehicle, for this purpose you will need the vehicle’s registration number.

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Information about a vehicle or its registered keeper

The list of reasons that could be accepted as a feasible reason to request information from DVLA records
·         To find out the person who was responsible for an accident

·         In tracking the registered keeper of an abandoned vehicle

·         To find out the registered keeper of a vehicle parked on private land giving out parking tickets

·         Giving out trespass charge notices

·         Tracking the customers responsible for driving off without paying for goods and services

·         Tracking people suspected of insurance fraud

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"Companies of private car parking management who give out parking tickets or trespass charge notices can only request information from the DVLA if they’re members of the British Parking Association or the International Parking Community".

How to file a request
There are several forms that need to be filled and applied by post. The form needed depends on certain criteria:
·         Form V888 is for an individual to request information
·         Form V8883 is for a company that issues parking or trespass charge notices
·         Form V8882 is used by any other company
Details of how to pay and where to send your application are on each form.

Information available for access

-Information about you
Details that need to be included:
·         your full name

·         your current address

You can view your driving record for a list of your driving bans, penalty points and disqualifications.
-Information about your vehicle
Details that need to be included:
·         your full name

·         your current address and the address on your log book (V5C)

·         the registration number of the vehicle you’re asking about

·         Information you need, for example, when was the vehicle first registered or the date you bought it.

Where to request
You can send your request to DVLA by email or post.


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