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Do vehicles need MOT Road Tax Check?

DVLA Cherished numbers

Do vehicles need MOT Road Tax Check?

Paper road tax discs were lost many years ago. This move from paper to paperless form made many of us get confused with the amount to be paid for the road tax and when to be paid, since it was changing with a period of time regularly.

When the old system was changed to the purely digital system, it was harder for many peoples to know when the tax will get expired and the road tax to be paid. But don't worry, since everything is available online now many services are made simpler, clearer and faster.

One of such services is to provide the MOT road tax check for the car by just using the DVLA cherished numbers on the web in the sites which provide this service.

These data's are made available through free vehicle history report.

What changes have been made in road tax?

The answer to this question depends on the car you own along with its first registration date. But, it varies if you bought a used car, i.e. the first registration date does not alter with the subsequent owners.

The road tax is based on the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the car. This rule suits for cars registered after April 2017.

The cars registered before April 2017 will follow the same previous rules. Since, the tax changes are made annually, doing road tax check frequently is advisable. 

Mot Road Tax Check

How to check road tax online?

Checking the road tax is simple nowadays. Just visit the site which provides the service. Enter the registration number of the car and generate the report which includes details about the road tax to be paid.

Vehicle History Report - Why it's important?

  • Free vehicle history report contains many details like MOT Status, Tax, MOT due and many more which are important while buying used cars.
  • Registration check can also be done using the report.
  • While buying used cars there may be more than a single owner. The list of the users may vary.
  • While looking at the registration check it will help you to know the number of previous owners of the vehicle.
Hence, these are the key points to be known about registration check.


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