In The Used Car Market Will It Be Hard To Find "Is My Car MOT"?

Usually in the past to create a secure path in finding the best pre-owned vehicle is pretty hard. But today all you can do it with your mobile. Have you ever thought what would be the worst part in buying a pre-owned car? Before 1960 UK resident,closing the deal is after having a complete vehicle check. Interior, Exterior, Fuel system, Braking and so on. This helped them in evaluating the vehicle. At the back, they could not even dream of “is my car mot passed”.

Keep in mind those hard times are from the past, but today you can access MOT check service online. If you have forgotten to take your motor to MOT test before the due it would be clout with due. Running a vehicle inside and around the UK MOT clearance certificate is requisite.

Please don’t regret to find the answer for “is my car MOT passed”. You could visit your vehicle after a long time so obviously, you could have a doubt about the MOT status. Driving without the clearance then you are liable for £2500 fine along with 3 penalty points.

  • DVLA MOT check is essential in buying used cars.
  • Is car MOT check available for free?
  • Check vehicle tax due date, don’t suffer the aftermath.

What is DVLA MOT check?

Let's move with who is this DVLA? Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is an organization directed by the UK government. According to their latest statistic report, 17% of the MOT failure is due to the lights. The second reason is due to the tyres and registration plate each contain 14%. Even the windscreen holds a record of 12% for failure. So, when looking for the MOT status of the vehicle before owing it maneuver it with DVLA MOT check.

car mot check

Why car MOT check?

Ministry of Transport from 1968 started the check service. After age three of the automobile, every car in the UK should take an MOT test. As already spoke that the car without MOT clearance is illegal to drive this makes us think “is my car MOT assured”. Buying a pre-owned vehicle take extra care in checking the exterior, exhaust & fuel, electrics, interior, and lights & visibility. Car MOT check will easily complete the task and help you in purchasing a hassle-free used car.

When to check vehicle tax?

In your busy schedule, it would be hard to remember the due date for tax. You can pay tax for 6months or even for 12months based on your thinking. Paying earlier is also advisable, When thinking about the wastage of amount because of paying in advance it is harsh right. No issues you can claim the amount from DVLA. Try to check vehicle tax to get remained and pay before the due date. 

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Check Vehicle Tax


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