How To Identify A Stolen Motor With Vehicle Check Report?

The driver and vehicle’s Licensing agency has prioritized the collection of data for every car in the UK. This was stated when the rise of the automobile market and officially associated with the UK government. The rise of the market also paved a way for the growth of the used car market. So, therefore every automobile market is at its peak.

But still there are thousands of motors are stolen each year and some opt to sell it in the market. This cause made the used car buyer a serious threat “How to find a stolen motor?” To handle such pressure or difficult situation DVLA allows access for the vehicle check report

A guide from DVLA Vehicle check:

In order to obviate hassles in the used car buying process and to reduce the threat of scam, DVLA vehicle check aids you. “In which way, it helps me?” The most famous scam would be cloning the vehicle.

Cloning is a way to ringer the vehicle which looks the same in the appearance and applying the same V5C document for the false motor too.

The DVLA vehicle check will reveal:
  • Outstanding finance 
  • Police stolen
  • Write-off
  • Total keepers
  • Plate change
  • Color change
  • VIN number
  • Engine number
  • V5C document
vehicle check
So, these topics would help you in finding the stolen vehicle. As the police stolen block gets flagged up in the vehicle check report then the risk is high. 

If you want an additional backup then, go through the VIN number by collecting it from the vehicle’s left corner of the dashboard or get it from underneath the spare tire.

What does a free car check offer?

DVLA Vehicle Check
You can’t identify a stolen motor from a free car check report. Ultimately you can find basic details. You can run an MOT check from it where you can analyse the interior and exterior condition of the motor.

MOT check report not only offers you knowledge about the motor but, also throws light towards the mileage. You can easily discover the current mileage story and search for its discrepancies with the MOT history.

A free car check report will not only highlight the mot status, due, and advisory it also gives information regarding the export, tax, age, make, model, color and registered area accompanied by the emission rate of CO2 from the vehicle. Don’t forget motor without an MOT clearance certificate and tax certificate is not liable in the UK.

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