Does a VIN number tell you the owner?


There is various instance have to look when you are looking to buy the used car. In the UK used car market, you might have heard the risks which are harmful to the buyers who buy unwittingly. Thus, you have to take certain things upfront while you are buying the used car that includes the vehicle check. It will help you to make the right decision before you fall into the seller trap.


One of the traps is that having the car with the most number of previous owners is there and even it can be theft vehicle, so check vehicle owner will let you know is the car is really in someone’s hand and who they are willing to sale. It can be trouble at times when the seller is dishonest.  


Probably, there are various reasons to search for the car owner details. In the UK, still, there are people, who might come across issues like, 


  • Have to find car owner which you sell years ago, to know who has the car.


  • For some reasons like the vehicle involved in insurance fraud


  • It can be caught in no parking area or deserted region.


Here, let find out why VIN is necessary and chances of tracing the vehicle owner from it. Know how you can find the VIN easily.

 For what purpose the VIN is required?

There are websites which are tracing the vehicle through VIN, but the fact is that it takes time-consuming and money consuming when compared to details acquired through the registration number. 


Moreover, the VIN is required to know if the vehicle VIN is matched with the given number plate or is there any plate change to hide the original risks in the car like a stolen car or it can be a write-off car and DVLA vehicle owner check

How to check the vehicle owner online?

The DVLA vehicle owner check free online will answer for,

  • How many car owners do the car has had
  • Vehicle sold and purchase date
  • Primary details from V5C logbook

 When you wanted to check vehicle owner details, you have to take help from the DVLA. It would delve & give away the details of the owner only if you had proper reasons as these are considered as confidential one & tough to acquire the details normally from the online vehicle check. 

What details from online vehicle check delve?

When you planned to check vehicle owner online, then from the details you can conclude that,  

 Increase in the number of vehicle owners are not good for purchase; it is considered as the least valued one as the car has keepers & it possibly has the accident history or poor service records. 

 Change of keeper has always noted by the DVLA where you have obtained information online. So ensure you are buying the vehicle which has more than four owners. 


Ensure you check the complete details before you ought to start the process of buying the used car.


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