Is There Any Legal Way of Selling a Car Having Outstanding Finance in the UK?


To be honest Yes, there are ways to sell your car legally that is having outstanding finance in the UK. The thing is, there should be a proper understanding of the finance on the vehicle and should also analyze the feasible solution you get is profitable after selling your car on outstanding finance. It becomes illegal when you deliberately hide the information of outstanding finance on your car and try to sell the vehicle.

The buyers should always ensure taking an outstanding finance check on the used vehicle; so that they will be on the safer side by knowing the finance history of the car and decides further to proceed with the used vehicle or to escape from the deal. Get a clear knowledge on,

  • The outstanding finance on the car. 
  • What step the seller has to make to sell his car legally with finance on it. 
  • How the buyer has to be clever when investing in a car with debt.
  • Importance of taking a car finance check for the buyer.


What is outstanding finance on the car?

 Buying a car on finance has become popular nowadays. When common people need a car for a very long time but couldn’t buy because they may not have such a huge ransom in their hands ready to invest, in such condition, the finance companies lend their hands for you to get the desired car for the loan without paying the entire amount. But you are not legally the owner of the owner until you pay the remaining amount on the car.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay the pending debt on the vehicle regularly. Any vehicle that undergoes such debt on them is referred to as outstanding finance and is common these days. Some people try to sell their car illegally with finance without telling the buyer the truth about finance history. To avoid such circumstance, it is always good to go with a vehicle finance check that gives you the clear data about the debt on the vehicle and tells you what consequences you will face when you go for a vehicle with debt on it.

Is free finance check available? If not, how to carry out a finance check?

There is no such thing like free finance check on vehicles around the UK if you find this check for free anywhere makes sure it is not fake. However, no free review will provide you with all the necessary details you wanted to know about the vehicle’s financial status. Take a full car check at only £8.95 from the car analytics that covers all the essentials checks, including outstanding finance check on the vehicle.

By taking a premium check, you will come to know whether the used car has any outstanding finance on it. If so what of kind of agreement it holds with the finance company is disclosed in the report. After getting all the details, you can decide to go.

How to sell my car with outstanding finance?

As said earlier, you can legally sell your car with finance by notifying the buyer that the vehicle has finance on it if not, it is illegal.


  • Get a buyer who knows the complete history of the car and agrees to the terms.
  • If you want to sell your car before the finance agreement, it is important to know the settlement figure, which is the pending amount on the vehicle.
  • Get an official statement from the finance company. Having this statement, the buyer can pay off the debt on the car directly and get the car legally, and this makes the sale process quick and easy.


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