Eight Significant Checks to Know Your Car History in the UK

 Can happiness be a car? Yes, it can be if bought without any major complications and legal issue. It is possible if you are clever enough to get a vehicle check before buying a used car. Due to the prevailing lockdown, people might think that used car market may not be firm. But this is the right time to chase your dream car at the price you wanted to get. Although the used cars' values fluctuate, the market stays active, and people are more involved in getting used cars.

 What are the checks that make sense to a used car purchase? 

Although everyone knows all these examinations have to be made to buy any used car, this blog will clear you in simple explanation that will help the new buyers and people who already had a bad used car purchase experience due to the lack of car value check others. Ask yourself these eight questions before a used car purchase,
  • Is the car free from financial debt if any?
  • Is the mileage genuine or clocked?
  • Am I buying a stolen car?
  • How number plate check helps me?
  • Has the car been in any accidents?
  • What decides the value of my car?
  • Do multiple owners affect the resale price?
  • Is my car a scrap? 

1. Finance check: Nearly 85% of London vehicles are bought in finance, so the used car buyers must be careful and check for any pending debt on the vehicle before buying. By taking an outstanding finance check, you can safeguard yourself from buying a vehicle that owes to the finance company. The finance check will reveal the finance on the vehicle and the type of agreement the vehicle had with the finance company. If you are okay with a vehicle with debt on it, get in touch with the finance company and know the settlement figure. Pay it with the guidance of the current owner of the car, and buy it legally.

2. Write-off check: As we all know, none of the used cars comes without a hidden past; a car write-off check is an essential one to know the accident history of any used car. Any vehicle prone to an accident will be a written-off vehicle, and that will be categorized according to the vehicle's damage. If it is heavily damaged and cannot be roadworthy again, don't invest in such a scrap. When the vehicle is least damaged and repairable, consider buying such a vehicle because you can negotiate for a less resale price, representing the repair cost. You can find all these data about the accident past in a write-off check.

3. Stolen information: Nobody wants to buy a vehicle that is someone else's property. Some crook headed dealers will try to sell a stolen vehicle to you by not giving any time to rethink the purchase, so don't get into the trap of such dodgy practices. A stolen car check will help you find out if the car is stolen or an authentic one instantly with a stolen check report. Get the complete car check package from the car analytics that comes under £8.95. You can get the entire vehicle history report comprising all the necessary checks from this full car check.

4. Keeper's history: The number of previous owners plays a vital role in the car's resale price, so be cautious about multiple owners. Multiple owners and frequent change in car ownership is a suspicious one, and due to the service and maintenance of the car concerning the change in ownership, it heavily affects the resale price. To know the number of previous numbers, a car owner check will be useful.
5. Reg check: Get the MOT history, performance, age of the vehicle, emission details of the vehicle and car specifications by registration number at free of cost at the car analytics by taking the number plate check.

6. Mileage anomaly: This factor will also tend to reduce the value of the vehicle. Know the exact miles run by the vehicle by taking a mileage check. Carrying out this check will help you know the clocked mileages by some unethical sellers out there.
7. Scrap check: car scrap check is a full car check that tells the used car is a scarp or not by researching through all the available resources. The Certificate of Destruction from the ATF is proof that the vehicle is completely scrapped.

8. Value of my Car: get the five-band car value check to know how much your car worth. You can confidently negotiate with the dealer and reduce the sale price according to the market resale value by knowing this.

Remind this note, you are buying a used car for you, and that should represent you a long time, so make all the necessary inspections needed by taking a full vehicle check and making the purchase safer and happier.


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