How to Check Car Data from Reg Number?

 Buying used car need courage to spot the vehicle details shown to you is true, or else you might get involved into a risk where you can't get back the vehicle or the amount spent on that vehicle. It is not a threat, but advice whosever planned to buy the used car in this New Year has to be cautious. You might probably research how to pick the used car or pros & cons of purchasing the second-hand cars, even few dig deep about the second-hand market. In that case, recent information is that the used car sales are increasing compared to previous years, and the reason would be the complete lockdown due to COVID-19.

However, the statistics on one side, but the takeaway is that though there is new attention on used cars, you have to pick the issue-free; it is possible when you take the vehicle check online. Here, read out what are details acquired from car data check and the vehicle info necessary to analyze the strength of the used car.

How possible to take a car data check online?

When you research online about the car check, you will get to know the service providers' list. The pioneer of all service is the HPI UK; it is nothing but the vehicle check where you can trace the used car details & confirm that the used car is issue-free.

 Nowadays, there is a huge service emerging, an alternative to free HPI check on used cars from Car Analytics. For acquiring these details, you are required to submit the car registration number and know the vehicle details for free & pay few bucks to dig more vehicle details. You can find the basic details of the used car were to get to know which used car is worth to pay for or whether the car has any previous issues that affect you in future. 

Don't forget to analyze the used car:

  • Car owner: You have to first know from whom the vehicle comes to a sale. It is impossible to find out who the registered owner of the car is through online. But when you are purchasing from friends of friends, you kind of trust them, but it is safe to check the vehicle details beforehand to avoid future harms.
  • Vehicle history: There are lots of things to look after when it comes to purchasing the car. It is always advised to check the paperwork and know if there any potential issues or any MOT test lags or failures that seller tries to hide.
  • Service history: When the motorist focuses only on the price tag, you might find the best one. You have to know how the owner maintained the vehicle and the regular service offered to them. Thus, expert advice is to find the service history of the car to determine the car value.
  • Test drive: Though, you take the car data check online and verify the details, you also know the car condition manually. It is possible when you take the vehicle for a test drive and delve is there any interior or external damage that the owner hides from the insurer itself. Even few would take the professional mechanic to delve the odometer and other parts are in good condition or not.

The reason to check the car history:

When you plan to buy the used car from a used car dealer or a private seller, you have to know if there are any hidden issues that the seller tries to hide or the car is tricked. 

Why can't check through the V5C? It is obvious where you can find the vehicle history through the logbook but to cross-check with the details; you need an online car check. But, it doesn't show if the vehicle is already stolen one or damaged one. So, it is necessary to take the free vehicle history check. 

Where are these car data acquired from? The crucial vehicle information is obtained from the officials that include, 

  • DVLA: for the basic vehicle details like the vehicle age, date of registration, mileage history. 
  • PNC: If the given registered vehicle is already reported as stolen or not through the Police National Computer. The damaged or various factors delve through other official sites. 

Remember, it is not same for every service providers, it differs, and you can find these details through their terms & conditions. These car data checks are not shown for free and don't get trapped when the ad shows free stolen or write-off checks. 

From Car Analytics, you can find the alternative full HPI check reports at £8.95. It is economical & reliable car checks compared to other online service providers. 


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