When & Why Vehicle Check is Essential in the UK?


Buying a used car and knowing that the car has major finance on it to resolve sounds annoying and frustrating, right? Also selling your car at a very low resale price without knowing the vehicle's worth is a regretting factor. That is why experts always advise both the seller and buyer to make a car data check beforehand.

 What is a vehicle check and how it is useful? 

  • In simple, a vehicle check is an inspection of any used car status and will reveal you all the preliminary information about the vehicle. 
  • This check will bring out all the potential issues of the vehicle that the buyer doesn't know.
  • Similarly, the seller will also know much about his vehicle worth by making the car performance check and easy for him to fix the resale price concerning the market value.
  • Hence the vehicle check is beneficial to both the parties (seller and buyer); highly recommended by many vehicle checking services.

How a vehicle check assists in safety used car purchase? 

  The chances of getting excited and driven out by the car's look are high when you are new to purchase a car. It is common but staying awake and making a checklist and processing accordingly before buying will save you from complication. One among them is to make a car check.

Do you ever think why people are stressing over a vehicle check before buying a used vehicle? If yes, here is the explanation for it. 

  • Since the vehicle check comes in a package and comprehensive in size, it is easy for access. 
  • You need not do everything on your own, which creates a mess and a lot of confusion, the vehicle check is an organized way to check over all the inspections at a time.
  • You can get a free vehicle check from vehicle checking services that inspect nearly twelve factors, which is an added benefit to the users.
  • It is as simple as that; enter your reg number in any reputed vehicle checking services and avail the check.
  • Get the instant report online, and that's a much-needed feature in this pandemic. You can chill at home and get the report of your used car at ease without much effort. 

Can I get a vehicle check for free?

Yes, you can get a free vehicle check from the car analytics with several quality checks that help the buyer know the in and out of any used vehicle. In this free check you are able you know the following,

  • MOT history of the vehicle: tells you the MOT test's last date and how it failed the previous MOT tests.
  • Specification of the vehicle: reveals you the exact specs of the car such as the number of doors, seats, type of fuel, size of the engine etc.
  • Performance of the vehicle: Here, you can get the engine's power and how well the engine performs concerning the horsepower and torque of the vehicle. Here the BHP check is also taken into account.
  • Age of the vehicle: The free check tells you the first date of registration of the car, by which you can calculate the age of the vehicle.
  • Mileage difference: The free check is limited to mileage determination where you can get only the reading on the odometer after the last MOT test. To know the exact mileage anomaly regarding the clock, you can take a full car check to get the complete knowledge about the vehicle.
  • The import/export details: Whether the used vehicle is imported or exported data are included.
  • You can also get the emission details and running cost of the vehicle at free of cost.

Remind yourself that your gut instinct will not always be correct while buying a used car, so make a vehicle check for a safe purchase.


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