A Guide to Cat A, B, C, D, N, S Motorbike Write Offs


When our beloved motorbike is written-off due to any kind of accident or major damage, definitely we feel anxious that we could not take the loss of it. However, we cannot escape from some misfortunes that happen out of our control. Not all write-off vehicles are off the road and not roadworthy. A motorcycle write-off check will help you to know under which category the vehicle is written-off and what can be done to make the vehicle roadworthy again. If you are empty, what to do next, then this blog will help you out to get clarity of the written-off motorbikes.

 What are the different types of motorbike-write-off?

          If the motorbike met with the accident, the financial burden and the disheartened feel would make you feel a little heavy, forgetting that the written-off vehicles can be roadworthy again (only certain categories), But what is the first step has to be taken? It is similar to car written-off categories but may or may not vary at some points. It is also important to check the car accident record check when you are getting your hands on a used vehicle.   

   A motorbike history check will help you to know much about the motorbike and its history. Usually, the written-off vehicle is classified under four different categories according to the amount of damage. Depending upon the category, you can either scrap your motorbike or make it roadworthy again with professionals' help. Let us get in detail each written-off category of the motorbike briefly.

Category A written-off:          

    When compared to other categories, category A is the worst case. If your motorbike is under this category, without a second thought, scrap it up and get the scarp reward because that is the only safe options you have in your hands. Category A motorbike is completely damaged, and it has to be destroyed. You cannot reuse or resell or recycle the vehicle. If you found to take the vehicle on the road, then it is a danger to lives, and you will also be penalized. Also, it should be informed to the DVLA once the vehicle is scrapped. 

Category B written-off:    

   Category B vehicles are similar to that of category A, but the good part of it is some of the salvageable parts in the bike can be redeemed and can be saved for later use. Apart from that, everything is similar to the above-stated category. It has to be destroyed with the help of the insurer in a reputed scrapyard.

Category S write-off: (Also known as cat C)

   It comes under repairable write-off where the vehicle can be fixed by some professionals and made roadworthy again. They do suffer structural damage but can be repaired. Sometimes, the repair cost may exceed the bike's resale price, and the insurers refuse to fund the repair. Under such conditions, it is not a smart idea to repair the vehicle. After the proper fix, you have to re-register the vehicle with the DVLA to legally drive the vehicles on the road after the written-off status.

 Category N write-off (Also known as cat D)

         It is applied to vehicles that do not suffer from structural damage, sometimes known as cosmetic damage (say brake down, seatbelt). The cost of repair of this category of vehicles is less when compared to category S.    

Can I get a free motorbike check?

       Yes, you can get a free check where you can get car specs by reg, MOT history, and the vehicle's performance for free. However, it is limited to crucial checks such as the written-off check, police stolen history and finance check. 

  Run a bike check from car analytics to know the written-off categories of the motorbike at the best price.


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