Car Mileage History Check- Is It Clocked?

When asked the question, what is the first thing you look for when buying a vehicle? Mileage the answer comes from the consumer end. Yes, mileage is one vital factor to look upon when getting a vehicle. If it is a used vehicle, the utmost care should be taken to check the vehicle's mileage because one in ten cars has a mileage issue that causes serious consequence with the vehicle when bought a home without knowing. Let us get to know how mileage influences the vehicle performance and loopholes of mileage anomaly that is prevailing all around the UK.

Is it important to check the mileage of the used vehicle?

     It takes a lot of research and time to find a quality used car. Hence it is your duty to check the crucial attributes of the car. Car mileage is a factor that is responsible for both the performance and value of the vehicle over the years. By running a mileage check for the used vehicle, you will know not only the vehicle's mileage is clocked or not, but also some statistics such as how many more miles it can be driven without any replacements or costly maintenance. It also gives you the satisfaction of buying a vehicle with genuine mileage.

Nowadays, the signs of clocking the vehicle are hard to find due to the use of electronic odometers. A mileage history check will help in this scenario. If you skip a mileage check thinking that it does not bother the vehicle's performance, mechanical and electronic parts may continuously tent to fail to work, and that will ultimately cost you extra pounds.

What are the possible ways to know the true mileage of the vehicle?


 If you are in the blind spot of not knowing the exact mileage of the used mileage, then the below ideas will help you out,

  • One usual way to know the mileage of the vehicle is through the MOT history. The MOT test is an annual determination of the vehicle to check whether the vehicle is roadworthy and does not have any major or minor faults. Through the MOT history, you can get to know the mileage on the odometer during the last MOT test. Car analytics offers a free check to know the MOT history of the vehicle.
  • The service history of the vehicle is a saviour here. At the end of each vehicle service (approx. every 12,000 miles), the vehicle's mileage is recorded. You can compare it with the mileage on the odometer and conclude how far the vehicle has travelled.
  • Check with the interior of the vehicle. Sometimes you can spot old interiors with less mileage. It is really dubious, and you should ask the dealer for some explanation. If the reason is not convincing, you can walk away from the deal.
  • The previous owner of the vehicle will help you to sort this mileage discrepancy sometimes. Communicate with the previous owner of the vehicle and ask for the mileage at which the vehicle is sold. By knowing that, you can compare the mileage of the vehicle on the odometer. 
  • A premium mileage check is the best solution to know the actual mileage of the vehicle. It will reveal to you whether the mileage is clocked or not.   

    The final goal of any purchase is the satisfaction that comes from within. This happens only when you spend some time and effort to make all the precautions to avoid discrepancies. Grab a vehicle check from car analytics and experience a safe used car purchase.


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