Is It Possible to Check Vehicle Details Before Purchasing?

 Getting a used car can be confusing at times since we need to look at various attributes to ensure that the vehicle is a genuine one. Yes, you can check car details, and it is your right to do that before purchasing the used car either from a dealer, Private seller or even from your friend. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed about the purchase. With the help of an alternative free HPI check, you need not feel that way. Here are few ideas for the used car buyers; how can you make a professional used car purchase.     

What should check before getting a used car?

     Buying a used car saves money and comes with significant risk factors; what makes the difference here is how you choose your used car. As you all know, buying a used car is not that easy; there are various pitfalls where you can fall into the dodgy practices of a few used car dealers. Before you buy a used vehicle, make sure you make the following total check,

  • Is it safe to drive?
  • Will, it cost you expensive repairs?
  • Any signs of serious accidents?
  • Fire or water damage
  • Well maintained or not
  • If the vehicle has any finance pending?

          All these could be cleared for you in a vehicle check and its instant report. If the vehicle report shows you a few red flags, you can ask for an offer else look for a better vehicle. Sometimes the dealer himself comes forward and fixes the repair and asks for the same resale price. In such cases, you can go for the used vehicle with proper evidence on the fix. If you could witness more than five issues, it is well and good to walk away from the deal.

How can I make an equivalent HPI check for free?

    HPI is not providing any free check, and if you found anything like a free HPI check, then be careful. It might be spam. But you can find vehicle check similar to HPI for free from car analytics that provides free check. You can get to know the following details of the car for free,

  • Mot history of the vehicle along with the advisory and failure notes
  • The date of registration of the car, through which you can find out the used vehicle's age.
  • The mileage of the car at the last MOT test. ( You cannot get to know the mileage is clocked or not through a free check)
  • The specification of the used vehicle such as the number of seats, doors, size of the engine and the type of fuel. It helps you find a car that suits your lifestyle.
  • Performance of the vehicle, including torque, horsepower and BHP that accounts for the performance of the engine.
  • Running cost of the vehicle and the emission data of the used vehicle.  

Can I free car insurance for my used car?

     Free insurance is something misleading. You can find free insurance for young drivers, but you will be paying it somewhere else, and it is a total gimmick. Ensure the used car or ask the previous owner about the insurance status of the used car before taking it to the road. Connect with your insurance agent and give him the details of the used car purchase. He will provide you with the date when the insurance coverage starts and ends. 

IS a full car check helpful in knowing the details of the used car?  

    Definitely thumbs up for the full check from car analytics. You will get the complete history of the used car, which includes whether the vehicle is stolen, car value, the car's financial status, and much more. So making a full check is something you will never regret spending money on.  

Keep all these ideas and vehicle check-in in mind; you will get a used car at a price that never digs holes in your pocket. Purchase happily.


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