Why I Have to Check Car Mileage For Buying A Used Car?


The vehicle check reports sayings that an estimated 2.3 Million clocked cars are on the UK roads that would cost you around more millions of pounds a year for motorists. It is very common that mileage clocking is happening everywhere but buying such cars would possibly put you in trouble. Thus, the car mileage check is there for buyers to tell you whether there is any discrepancy that the seller tries to hide from you. In this blog, get to know about how mileage plays an important role in fulfilling the buyer’s dream car. 

Car mileage importance:

Are you puzzled about why I have to give importance to car mileage history? Here are few answers to the need and importance of executing the mileage inspection. Still, it is difficult to find the clocked mileage just by taking the car test drive. 

Acquiring the car mileage check on any used car is easy, and it is possible by just entering the car registration number. You know the stats where exactly how many miles the car is driven and can know if there any replacements such as exhaust clutch. It is expert advice to review it before you ready to pay for the vehicle and can help you to avoid buying such cars. 

  • You can watch out the estimated mileage differs from the records shown by the seller and the reports reviewing online. If it differs, you can confirm that the mileage tampers and might risks you in future. 
  • It is easy to trace out when you take the car enquiry online as it provides the details if the car mileage is tampered with and alerts you if there any potential issues that nullify your purchase. 
  •  You never know that the car you decided to buy had already run a long way and the lifetime calculated through mileage is not long as the amount spends on it. 
  • As you all know, other than the car age and condition, the mileage of the car is also important to determine the car valuation. 

These are few reasons if you are considered the car mileage check as the mandatory one. Know you are not the one who got caught by the dodgy seller.

Is my car mileage genuine?

Before that, did you know why the mileage has tampered with? Clocking the mileage will help the seller to earn double the amount. The simple concept is lower the mileage, the higher the car price. On the other hand, the vehicle mileage is a good indicator of its condition, and if the car runs more than its age, then it is red-alert. 

The question you started to ask is the beginning of the car inspection. You have to check a few paperwork as already said to confirm there are no alterations. It includes, 

  • MOT mileage recorded: When the vehicle went for the MOT test, it will be recorded how many miles the car runs. 
  •  Service history records: The logbook tells when the car is given the service and at what miles recorded. Get clarity about how much the car is travelled before. 
  •  Online car enquiry service: You can prefer Car Analytics, a reliable, comprehensive car check that let you know if the mileage has tampered with, but it is not found for free. 
  •  Previous car owner: Though it has only a few chances, but can try calling the previous owner for checking mileage on a used car. Mostly it is to delve the seller is fraudulent by replacing the service books or made any changes. 

If you don’t find any tampered in the mileage, you can lead your buying process further. When the task is about purchasing the used car, you probably take a huge checklist to get the issue-free used car. Because the second-hand car never comes without a hidden history and must know whether the vehicle is worth paying. 

Finally, you can safeguard yourself from buying the clocked vehicle by disbursing few pounds on car mileage check will help you to free yourself from buying scammed vehicles. 


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