Check Car Insurance Write-Off – 3 Easy Steps


When you are buying a used car, there are chances to have been written off in its past. That means the car has undergone horrific damage in its past. The reality is that many cars are written off by the insurers for minor damage too. Many write-offs can be repaired and perfectly make it safe to use roadworthy and legal standards before buying any used car, check car insurance write-off to know if there the vehicle is written-off. 

Why should you check car insurance write-off?

The insurers generally write off cars since they would have either damaged so badly that they are not safe to drive or cost more to fix the repair than they are worth. Since write-off is somethings that you can't miss checking while buying a used car, make sure you check if a car has been written off before buying it. In the UK, it is said that many cars are identified as insurance write-off which makes Cat check an important task to avoid buying a car which is not worth the amount or identified as not roadworthy.

How can you check my vehicle for the write-off?

Many people doubt how to check if a car has been written off or not. The possible answer for this can be obtained only through the car write-off check.

  1. Just find the best and reliable car check service provider where you can carry out the Cat check.
  2. Enter the car registration number and make the payment.
  3. Get the write-off check report in which you can find whether the car is identified as written off or not.

This check is worth the investment since it is the best place to start investigating the used car. If you find any hidden details in the car, you can either avoid or negotiate the price of the vehicle.

Write-off categories:

  1. Category A – These cars are unsuitable or have got damaged beyond repair. Hence, these vehicles must be entirely crashed, including their parts. Since these vehicles are damaged badly, its only fit for scrap.
  2. Category B – This means that the car's body shell has damaged severely and has to be crushed. But the other parts can be resold or recycled.
  3. Category S - These cars can be repaired following their structural damage during the accident. The vehicle can be only used again on the road after repairing properly to a roadworthy condition.
  4. Category N – This means that the car has undergone non-structural damage and are costly to repair. However still, they are safe to be used after proper repair or replacement of the parts.

Suppose you still wish to buy the car after checking its write-off status. In that case, you can go for the vehicles which are identified as Cat S or Cat N. But after check car insurance write-off, make sure to inspect the car properly so that it will help you decide whether you can invest in that particular car or not. Need some help? Get the write-off check report from Car Analytics which is super-affordable and reliable.


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