How Can One Know the Mileage For A BMW Car?


BMW is one of the finest choices one can make if looking for a luxury used car purchase. When you enter your BMW and start the engine, you will find the odometer in the instrument cluster to find the odometer reading. However, if you are buying one online, there are chances you might get scammed on the mileage. Hence we recommend you a car mileage check that will spot if the vehicle is free from clocking and other essential checks.                                                                                                  

  How can we detect mileage tampering in a used car?

       It is tedious to find out if the car mileage is genuine or not just by looking into the vehicle. Here are four ideas through which you can detect the clocked vehicle.

Look into the service history of the used vehicle. For every 12,000 miles, the mileage has been recorded at the service garage and in the service logbook. Some dishonest sellers will try to hide the true service history from you and show the new ones with fake details of the mileage. Under such conditions, you can walk away from the deal to save your money.

Have a detailed look into the interior of the vehicle such as brake system, condition of the tyres etc. If they found to be very tired interior parts with less than 40,000 miles, then it is a warning sign.

You can take a free mileage check to know the estimated mileage of the vehicle from car analytics. By taking a free check, you will know the odometer reading from the recent MOT tests. However, it is impossible to know the actual mileage of the vehicle and clocking information. A mileage check will help you know if the mileage is clocked or not with an instant report for less than ten pounds.

You can get in contact with the previous owner of the vehicle and enquire at what mileage they sold the car and compare it with the current odometer reading. Though it is a little tough to collect the previous owner's details, it will give you more information about the vehicle.

Why people tend to tamper with the mileage of the vehicle?

       Mileage discrepancy has been a severe issue since the past decade, which is alarming in the used car market. The clocking of vehicles is not an illegal activity, according to the government of the UK. It is because there are valid reasons behind it. Vehicles exported from any other part of the country to the UK shore might have odometer readings in Kilometers. The cars on the UK roads are usually with miles on the odometer. Hence it needs an odometer tampering to convert the reading into miles.  

    The dodgy sellers make use of this and started to tamper the odometer reading to show miles lesser than it actually covered. It increases the value of the vehicle since the mileage shown on the odometer will be less. Usually, cars with less mileage attract buyers than the higher ones. This is the ardent reason why some of the culprit dealers choose to tamper the vehicle's mileage. Thus it is essential to check car mileage before you make a used car mileage.

 At what mileage do most cars start having issues?

   Generally, vehicles start to experience problems after completing 100,000 miles. You can get a car history report and examine the mileage before the car purchase and ensure safety.

You cannot stop the scam around you but can escape potentially through an online vehicle check from car analytics which helps you to know the history of the vehicle before the purchase at a pocket-friendly price.


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