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Is buying a used car without a logbook safe?

Purchasing a vehicle without a logbook, also known as a V5C registration certificate, has long been fraught with danger. Although this is set to change with the ability to apply for a logbook online, it is still crucial to understand the consequences of purchasing a car without one. Continue reading to learn more. Genuine seller or dealer Although the registered holder may have legitimately lost or forgotten the logbook, there have been instances where automobiles have been sold without logbooks, and the buyer afterwards discovered the vehicle was stolen or wrecked. The registered keeper may also have taken out a "logbook loan," in which the seller uses the vehicle's V5C paperwork as collateral for a loan. The seller's most common argument is that they didn't have time to apply for a replacement log book registration certificate, which can take up to 6 weeks. The DVLA has launched a new online logbook service. Along with telling the DVLA that you have

Is It a Good Idea to Ride a Mountain Bike on the Street?

Many individuals purchase a mountain bike to ride it on trails; nevertheless, most motorcyclists would like to know if they can ride their touring motorcycle on the road. It's a genuine issue, whether they want to ride their bike around the block or ride it on the road to go to the path. Yes, you can ride your MTB on the street, to put it briefly. Mountain bikes are meant for riding on trails so that they won't perform as well on the road, but you can certainly do it. If all you need is a yes or no response, the text above should suffice. Still, there are a few more factors to consider when riding on the street. If you're interested, I'll outline everything I know down below, so keep reading! Is it probable to ride a mountain bike on the road? A motorbike is a motorbike. Mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and other types of bikes are all designed to be ridden. That being said, riding a BMX in the street is quite doable. Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are inte