Is buying a used car without a logbook safe?

Purchasing a vehicle without a logbook, also known as a V5C registration certificate, has long been fraught with danger. Although this is set to change with the ability to apply for a logbook online, it is still crucial to understand the consequences of purchasing a car without one. Continue reading to learn more.

Genuine seller or dealer

Although the registered holder may have legitimately lost or forgotten the logbook, there have been instances where automobiles have been sold without logbooks, and the buyer afterwards discovered the vehicle was stolen or wrecked.

The registered keeper may also have taken out a "logbook loan," in which the seller uses the vehicle's V5C paperwork as collateral for a loan.

The seller's most common argument is that they didn't have time to apply for a replacement log book registration certificate, which can take up to 6 weeks.

The DVLA has launched a new online logbook service.

Along with telling the DVLA that you have sold a car, you may now apply for a new v5c – replacement V5C online as well. Anyone who has legal ownership of the car can now get a replacement log book in as little as 5 days thanks to this new digital approach.

What difference does this make when purchasing a vehicle without a logbook?

Believe car analytics this will go a long way toward making it much more difficult to sell stolen and scrapped vehicles, and we advise used car buyers to follow the procedures below.

If you come across a car for sale without a V5C paperwork, run a vehicle history check first to ensure there is nothing wrong with the vehicle that could cause you trouble in the future. So that you don't have to acquire a car without a logbook, you should ask the seller/registered keeper to apply for a replacement logbook online.

The seller will then be required to pay £25 through credit or debit card. Here is a link to the new DVLA duplicate log book service.

Putting down a deposit

A holding deposit may be requested by the vendor. This is acceptable, although we do not advocate paying more than £100 as a deposit, and you should always request a receipt.

We strongly advise you to ask the vendor to finish the online replacement logbook process while you are present before making a deposit. Alternatively, request a paper receipt from the DVLA, which will have been issued.

It'll be tough to tax a car without a logbook, which you'll need to fill out before driving it away.

Remember, regardless of how trustworthy the vendor appears, conducting a vehicle history check to verify there are no hidden surprises is always a smart idea. For a nominal cost, Car Analytics provides the most comprehensive history check via our buyer’s report.

With our buyer's report, you'll be able to identify any risk factors such as outstanding debt, the number of transactions, and so on.


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