Five Money-saving Motoring Tips to Cut Driving Costs

A car purchase is a single investment. Similarly, you need to spend more to drive safely on the UK roads.

The whole used car buying thing turned out to be more expensive. The reasons are the shortage of semi-conductors chips declines the new car production. Secondly, the booming second-hand vehicles prices due to the high demand. Also, you can't skip the historic rise in petrol, diesel and electricity prices.

Where these outcomes are lead? The motorists have to struggle to meet the running costs of their vehicles, especially on their insurance. 

Here are the five tips for drivers to know where they can cut down their driving costs. 

1. Fuel prices challenge the freedom to drive

Earlier said, the fuel prices are skyrocketed, and it's quite tough for drivers to keep their cars running. You need to search for the cheaper petrol or diesel prices. Various petrol stations offer low costs where you can find the nearby stations through the apps.

The charging points are challenging for electric or hybrid vehicles as the electricity bills might soar. So, take a walk or use motorcycles for short distances or to nearby places. 

2. Pick car parks at affordable places

It's now easier to pre-book or plan before for car parking. There are apps where you need to mention the type of parking and can easily fetch the price & timings to park the car in your nearby destination. Most of the cities have a park and ride scheme where a bus takes you into town from a nearby car park. 

3. Vehicle health check

Skipping regular car service may reduce the cost- one of the myths about reducing the driving cost. When you keep the vehicle for a long time with no major issues, then it should maintain properly and regularly. 

You can visit the local garage to carry out the basic car checks, which minimize the cost of often repair work. Search for a reliable and known garage to get the vehicle serviced properly and keep an eye on the vehicle's health. 

4. Insurance coverage for drivers

Despite how well you take care of your vehicle, uncertainty happens. So, it's better to have a cover when you get stuck in the middle of the road or when you bump into another car. 

Insurance claims let you escape from unwanted expenses. Choose any of the breakdowns covers when you take the car for a long journey. 

Having insurance premium coverage for your car can cut down the unexpected expenses during any mishap or misfortune. Thus, it is listed as mandatory when buying a car. 

Once the vehicle met into an accident, the insurer classifies it into the write-off category. So, if you ride an already damaged vehicle, the insurance claim could be higher or need a proper valuation & proper coverage. 

5. Check for faults ahead of your vehicle MOT

Simple things you can check for before an MOT like your bulbs are all workings, the state of your tyres, windscreen wipers, and even if the washer bottle contains any fluid. When you fail to fix the repairs before completing the MOT, MOT will fail you for minor faults. 


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